Meeting people obsessed with sound

9/2017: Robert Lepage

Robert is the person I call "my boss", even though technically speaking I am not employed by Ex Machina (his production company) per se but a freelance. The reason for this is that I've done so many shows with him since 1999 that a lot of my working time has been devoted to him, simply!
I had been a huge fan of him before even meeting him, so I was more than excited to start working FOR him in 1999 on The Far Side of the Moon, and to add to my excitement I was to edit, mangle and play with one of my favourite artist's music, Laurie Anderson's.
We've done a load a crazy stuff together since but one thing we've never done is to actually sit down and talk about his vision of sound and music, strangely! So… here's a little conversation we had in late August of 2017.

3/2017: Joaquim Badia

I discovered
Joaquim through my exchanges with the support team of a London sample library company; the answers I was looking for were written by a very nice gentleman, and I couldn't resist Googling him. I found out that, albeit been very young (compared to me at least!), he had an impressive résumé as a pianist and composer. He was obviously also working in London, surrounded by other young composers and sound engineers, so I was very interested in meeting him and ask questions about his musical education, his life in the big city and his ambitions.

3/2017: David Randall

The first guest of is guitarist, composer and producer David Randall. Best known for his work with Faithless, he also played some of my all time favourite guitar tracks (on Dido's No Angel, Randall and the first Slovo album to name a few).
I contacted him to play on the
crashride record and he was unbelievably gracious and nice… and played beautifully. What more can you ask?

Between his musical activities he wrote a book about politics and music called
Sound System: the political power of music and we finally got a chance to meet and talk about it (and many other things) in his hometown of Brixton, South London.